Ghost Box


A record label established in 2004 by composer, Jim Jupp and music industry graphic designer, Julian House. It was set up originally as an outlet for their own musical experiments with the idea that each release’s packaging would display a similar design sensibility and both music and design would allude to House and Jupp’s shared imaginary landscape; a very British parallel world of library music, 60s and 70s horror movies, TV science-fiction soundtracks, vintage electronics and Radiophonics, supernatural stories and folklore.

The label has continued to grow and develop since then albeit with a deliberately small roster of artists, working in differing styles but sharing the same sensibilities and all fitting in with Ghost Box’s fictional world. Ghost Box’s key artists include House’s own The Focus Group and Jupp’s Belbury Poly and also The Advisory Circle, Pye Corner Audio and Roj.
More recently these artists have been collaborating with guests on a series of Ghost Box singles and EPs, including Broadcast, John Foxx, Sean O’Hagan (High Llamas), Jonny Trunk and Moon Wiring Club.

Music journalist Simon Reynolds coined the genre term hauntology to describe Ghost Box's unique, nostalgic and haunting electronica.

Sublabels:Ghost Box Study Series, Other Voices (3)
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  • Fabj's avatar
    Would love it if Ghost Box released a collection of all the "Study Series" & "Other Voices" singles on CD.
    • mcalnd's avatar
      I really wish this label would employ the services of a vinyl cutting engineer. Passing over some files for GZVinyl to process seems to be the bare minimum here. They sound just about passable I suppose, but they could be so much better in the hands of a proper vinyl cutter.
      • magiceye's avatar
        Ghost Box have successfully established themselves as 'Keep Calm and Carry On' tea towel of electronica. "Do you remember malt loaf?"