Tuff City


Independent label based in New York. Founded by Aaron Fuchs in 1981.

Sublabels:¡Andale!, 11-A Records, Funky Delicacies, Night Train International, Ol' Skool Flava, Raw Cut Records, Slammin', Smokin', Soul-Tay-Shus
Contact Info:

Tuff City Records
444 W 50 St., Ground Fl.
New York, NY 10019

(212) 586-0899
Fax: (212) 586-1081

General Information: [email protected]
Licensing: [email protected]
Wholesale / Retail / Distribution / Promotion: [email protected] , Bandcamp , Facebook , Instagram , Soundcloud , X , YouTube


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  • AITCH-A's avatar
    Ive got a TUFF CITY compilationliterally called,...SMACK MY BITCH UP.
    NBA Allstars 1989, Bonus Beats, I like your style, etc.

    • DJ.Criss.Angel's avatar
      Where's Wanda Dee - To The Bone. 1989 stylee still got it in cling film
      • twillg's avatar
        "According to Smokey Johnson, Fuchs approached him in 1997 after an awards show and offered him $500—$100 up front—in exchange for a 50 percent share in the copyrights to many of his compositions and the ability to act as Johnson’s agent. Johnson considered the offer an insult and tore up the contract. “I was so mad, I just wanted to give the money to the church,” he says. In fact, he did sign the initial check over to Asia Baptist Church, but as the contract he tore up stipulates, “Deposit of the check will constitute an agreement,” so the deal was made without his signature."
        • mr.bounce's avatar
          Kool Keith warns on his own Funky Ass label not to buy any Ultramagnetic releases on Tuff City records because they would be Unauthorized bootlegs.