POF Music as reviewed by voikarl

August 29, 2010
edited over 4 years ago
It's hard to understand why a major like Virgin take some energy to promote Trance in France. This style is absolutely not popular in this country like in Netherland or Germany. If you except the Goa scene you can count on a hand major Trance actors from France. It's true that all the majors in 1994 try to get some licence from independants labels but without success on House & Techno scene. So was wise to take the opportunity to produce 12" but the selling stay poor and the result was the interdiction from most of the party in 1996 Because of the impossibility Of majors to access this market. Before Goa party in France was held in private villa for a very few people which meet in Asia and all the major actors went soon to Ibiza. The distribution was made By Belgium P.I.A.S. like for Laurent Garnier label Fnac Records. If someone can tell me about the transaction 'll help me to understand better the war held by major against Techno in France.

POF Music voikarl

December 26, 2014
Compared to the number of artists well knowed in the country . Netherland or Germany has 20 famous Trance artists.

POF Music peltonen

December 23, 2014
> This style is absolutely not popular in (France) like in Netherland or Germany
How would you measure the popularity? What is your indicator? Compared to which other countries?

POF Music voikarl

May 24, 2012
The context is that POF as belong to Virgin .

POF Music Jani09

May 14, 2012
I'm with you, but where is the context to POF Music?