German label.
Label Code: LC 3706 / LC 03706
Sister label: Teldec Classics
The TELDEC label was launched in 1980 by TELDEC »Telefunken-Decca« Schallplatten GmbH and became a major German player in the 1980s.

Please note: The TELDEC brand was coined in 1950 after AEG's Telefunken record branch and Decca's German department merged to TELDEC »Telefunken-Decca« Schallplatten GmbH.
From 1950 to 1980, TELDEC »Telefunken-Decca« Schallplatten GmbH almost never used "TELDEC" for commercial releases: Till 1970 there are only a few examples where TELDEC was used as a brand on labels or sleeves. But licensing companies abroad (for example Sweden's Grammofon AB Electra) often shortened the long company name to simply "TELDEC". Please use TELDEC whenever the brand is credited as such, even if obviously the company is meant.

Corporate ownership:
1980-1983: TELDEC »Telefunken-Decca« Schallplatten GmbH
1983-1988: TELDEC Schallplatten GmbH.
In 1988, TELDEC Schallplatten GmbH was acquired by Warner Communications Inc. The company's name changed to TELDEC Record Service GmbH, and their labels were split. The pop music roster on the TELDEC label was moved to EastWest Records GmbH - only a few German artists signed to TELDEC remained on the label till the early 1990s.
TELDEC Schallplatten GmbH's classical music roster, licensed mostly to the company's Telefunken and Decca labels were moved to the new Teldec Classics label under the umbrella of the new formed Teldec Classics International GmbH.

Parent Label:Warner Music Group
Sublabels:100 Years Concertgebouw, 300 Jahre - Years J. S. Bach, 300 Jahre · Years G. F. Händel Teldec Special Edition 1985, Bach 2000, Bach Organ Works, Colour, Harnoncourt Edition, I Love Classics, LesArt, Teldec Digital, ...
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