Black Jazz Records


US spiritual jazz label founded in Oakland, CA, by Gene Russell in 1971, and active until 1975. Financing and distribution for the label were provided by Dick Schory's Ovation Records. The label was founded in order to showcase black musicians, invoking a more political and spiritual tone, and explored styles such as funk, free jazz, and soul jazz.

In 1986 the label and its catalog were purchased by James Hardge. While only one new album by Doug Carn was released, the entire catalog was reissued on CD. While for a time the label maintained a website and purported to offer items for sale, there were numerous problems with customers not receiving their merchandise.

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    Their are twenty albums in the original catalogue, but the albums go up to twenty one, example: Doug Carn Adam's Apple BJQD/21 1974 is listed as the last album.
    Their is no listing for Black Jazz thirteen, I can only surmise this was because 13 is an unlucky number too people of certain religious leaning. The catalogue represents one the true legends of independent Afro American music from any era, much less the 1970s when Jazz was starting to fade from the public media in favor of less traditional music.
    The Black Jazz Label has been rediscovered by music collectors and enthusiasts inspiring a new generation of jazz lovers all over the world, the prices collectors are paying for the originals is a testament of what these artists have achieved, good music does not die as new younger listeners find out what came before was less about image and more skill was required, real artists often sound better live then the records they have produced, let the Black Jazz AllStars live on and long.