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Bizarre Records was founded by Frank Zappa and his manager, Herb Cohen, in 1968 as a recordings extension of their company Bizarre Productions after MGM Records passed up a contract option with the duo.

The Bizarre Records label was created as an outlet for Frank Zappa's own productions and for artists discovered by Zappa who's performances were a little more 'bizarre' than the 'straight' acts recorded on the company's sister label Straight, created in the spring of 1969.

Both labels were distributed by Warner Reprise*. Whilst the latter Straight label had its own catalog ID the Bizarre Records releases are normally identified by the Bizarre logo on the cover art and (usually) a Reprise label & catalog ID from their 2000 & 6000 series.

*Initially Bizarre Records was distributed by Verve and marketed in the UK by Polydor until Zappa contracted to Warners. Some Bizarre issues were linked to the Warner 7 Arts/Reprise distribution, with the 7 Arts/Reprise roundel logo. It should be noted that many Zappa sleeves are often 'legacy artworks' post 1971, bearing the old '7Arts/R' roundel & the 'Bizarre' egg-timer logo. In such cases the Reprise Label or Warner Bros. Label etc., on disc/s should take precedence in cat# order display.

In the UK the label's releases were distributed by Pye, then Warner Bros. using the "K" catalog prefix in 1971. (By which time Bizarre had ceased).
The company logo was designed Cal Schenkel; it shows the line drawing of an old medical pump.

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