Varèse Sarabande


US label, previously part of Varèse Sarabande Records, Inc..
Label Code LC 6083 / LC 06083
Varèse Sarabande is a label that specializes in soundtracks. It was founded in 1978 by Tom Null, Chris Kuchler and Dub Taylor (3) in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. (In 1978, Tom Null's Sarabande Records merged with Varèse International to form Varèse Sarabande). The early LPs were reissues of classical recordings from the American Decca, Remington and JVC labels. The first soundtrack LP was released in 1978.

Varèse first began releasing CDs in 1985.

The European releases are manufactured and distributed by Colosseum Schallplatten GmbH, which changed its name to Colosseum Music Entertainment GmbH in 2006.

After being distributed by MCA and its successor Universal Music for decades, in February 2018 the label was acquired by Concord Music and placed under Concord's reissue label Craft Recordings.

Parent Label:Craft Recordings
Sublabels:Colossal Records (7), Concert Hall Series, Fox Classics, LP to CD Subscription Series, Masters Film Music, Mastersound Imports, Remington Series, Soundtrack Master Tape Edition, The West Coast East Side Sound, Varèse 500, ...
Contact Info:

Varese Sarabande Records
11846 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 130
Studio City, CA 91604

Tel: (800) 827-3734 or (818) 753-4143
Fax: (818) 753-7596
General Information and Corporate Offices:
E-Mail: [email protected] , , Wikipedia , Facebook , X , YouTube , Instagram


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