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Gourmet Recordings is an electronic, experimental house and techno label founded by Chicago based Mazi Namvar and Lori Riegler in 2000. Originally, the label was run primarily out of the US. However, the demand for music being released on Gourmet was much stronger in Europe, and after securing multiple licensing deals via labels the likes of UK's Hooj Choon sub-labels Airtight, and Prolekult, and Namvar's own production skills becoming in high demand throughout the UK and France, in 2001, Gourmet jumped across the pond. Initially a P&D with Bristol based NRK, Gourmet was distributed by Amato.

In 2006, Nathan Larsen, (a frequently released artist on Gourmet), became more actively involved in the day to day dealings of the imprint, as Riegler moved to New York City to pursue other musical endeavors. This same year, Gourmet moved its operations Paris, to become part of the Brique Rouge label family, run by David & Nora Duriez. Many have thought Gourmet was ahead of the curve when they first started released tracks in 2000.

"Fresh Meat", a sub-label of Gourmet, was launched in 2006 by Riegler and Namvar. The imprint is also part of the Brique Rouge label family, and is distributed by Germany's Word and Sound.

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