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Electronic music label based in London, UK. Founded in 2013, curated and run by Asquith aka Jimmy Asquith.
In 2014 Lobster Theremin also launched its own distribution service, Lobster Distribution which closed down in 2022.

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  • joeycollins's avatar
    Their entire Bandcamp page is empty. What a shame. They have contributed some of the best music of the last 10 years! I hope something else comes of this… the number of artists whose work was just pulled is a travesty!
    • aditomazo's avatar
      Hey guys,
      I'm sure you have a lot going on right now. But you will still need to honor your orders. I've order a scarf, not a vinyl which I realize can take lots of time to send with the different powerplants. Just a simple scarf for winter. And so for not one email back, no follow-up, nothing. I don't want to be greedy but this is the second order this happens. I'm not gonna let this one pass.
      So please send the scarf and the job will be done.
      I can't believe I'm doing all that for a simple scarf order but you guys have been disrespectful in the past and this is happening all over again.
      Answer your emails and send the scarf.
      • slamerinline8's avatar
        This was a label with huge potential. The fan base it had was one of the nicest in the world and artists gained a lot of support and love from the label. Unfortunately it was never really able to become serious, thanx to the "Meme Bruh" attitude which was charming in the beginning but become cringe later, and the constant flod of music with no selection what so ever.
        It could have been on the level with Ninja Tune, but I doubt it will even return in 2023 because of the scandals and poor management.
        Still, I do hope one day it will bounce back with some of the artists they featured, because if you dig deep enough you can found some absolute gems, filled with love in here.
        • endlesspointless's avatar
          A label more concerned with being cool rather than releasing quality on a consistent regularity. Some excellent releases sprinkled around the catalogue (D.Dan and D3070 to name a few) but to anyone with a sense for taste will see through this in no time.
          • Toby_Jameson's avatar
            • chowder_'s avatar
              Edited 2 years ago
              when tf did LT become a decent garage/jungle label?? fr yosh and reaper are putting out some really good stuff here lately
              • bud1uk's avatar
                Edited 4 years ago
                Just got an email that they've just closed down their shop in London Fields, that's depressing news, got some great recommendations from the lads who worked there and was planning to go down there shopping next week before Xmas. :(
                • annexxe's avatar
                  Edited 4 years ago
                  This label killed the entire lo-fi house scene, basically. Hope they're happy.
                  • Bourbonman's avatar
                    This is not a label anymore, it´s a corporation. . .
                    • accoutrements's avatar
                      Lobster Theremin invented the genres 'Meme House' and 'Youtube House'.