Vinyl Magic


Italian progressive rock label established in 1989 by the Vinyl Magic Record Shop in Milan, Italy. The chief partner in the business is one Massimo Buffa an aficionado of Italian prog. Reissues of 1970s Italian rarities are the label's speciality, although they've also issued many releases by new Italian acts and some international bands. When Vinyl Magic ceased as the original partnership in 1998, the label was rebranded as VM 2000 sometime during 1999.
Later releases often kept using the label's catalog numbering (for ex. VMLP???) but should now be listed with as label, wherever it is clearly stated. Further detailed infos can be found here:

Parent Label:Vinyl Magic Productions
Sublabels:Vinyl Magic 2000 Records, Vinyl Magic New Prog 90, Vinyl Magic S.a.s.
Contact Info:

Via Tibaldi, 29
20136 Milano, Italy


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