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1990s-2000s American record label from Chicago, Illinois.
Founded by Bruce Adams and Joel Leoschke in 1993.
Publishing credits typically go to Kranky, Ltd.

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  • Qu0ta's avatar
    I've owned a small handful of modern Kranky releases, and I've come to the conclusion that the average noise floor on their pressings are pretty low. My guess is that they press their records with virgin vinyl or the like.

    The only issue is that the records are always stored in cheap paper sleeves, so they immediately get surface scuffs and bits of paper flakes on them upon taking them out.

    • ephre's avatar
      Edited one year ago
      Customer service is still going, cheeking me and telling me they didn't tell me to "buy CDs", rather they said to "try CDs" - hugely different i know.
      • ephre's avatar
        If you want a terrible quality LP then Kranky is your label, I sent a message to the customer service to tell them about the quality of vinyl and (this is true) they told me to buy CDs. I didn't expect them to do anything but i really didn't expect them to get cheeky about it. They produce thousands of records a year and they give zero f---s about making a quality product.
        • isaRRecords's avatar
          Edited 11 months ago
          Record was shipped for 26 bucks in an absolutely flimsy mailer. Sleeve arrived with bumped corners and seam split. The only answer of the arrogant and ignorant mr. kranky to my (friendly - by the way) message: “per paypal rules, you can return the item for a refund - we will not send a replacement sleeve”. Wow. Such a cool customer service. It’s seems really hard to put a record outta the sleeve and use well protecting mailers. Or to treat someone with respect. Never again.
          • muthubuntu's avatar
            Some of my favourite bands pressed on some of the worst sounding vinyl
            • bikefridaywalter's avatar
              Edited 17 years ago
              I used to buy Kranky releases the second I saw them at the shop. I was always guaranteed a winner.. and was never proved wrong. Some of most favourite albums come from this label. I rarely rely on labels like I do with Kranky. Fans of this may also want to wander over to Silber Records.
              • alex_plan's avatar
                Edited 17 years ago
                Kranky has been my favourite record label ever since I had chance to hear Labradford's Prazision LP.I don't know of any other more beautiful collection of intimate music.Most of the artist here record some dreamy ambient soundscapes or delicate post noise experiments.Lovers of drone minimalism should find some new favourites among kranky's stable too.