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French label founded and owned by Philippe Thomas. Also appears as "America" only.

Started in 1959 with 7"s (and a few LPs) of US Rock & Roll, Doo Wop, Latin, Pop and Easy Listening music.
Material was originally issued on labels Tops Records, Strand (3), Mayfair Records, Cascade Records (2), Christy Records, Oriole, Embassy, Tico Records, Cook, Zenith International, ...
Those reissues on America Records have no license mention and some of them were released under fake names, see for instance here, there, there, there, there and there.
There is also a Spanish release licensed by Musidisc with an America Records logo and a 1961 Depósito Legal. First period of America Records ended not long after.
7"s can be found on this page under catalog number M ## / 45 M ## or S ## / 45 S ##, LPs are under catalog number 30 S 10##.

The label was reactivated in 1968 after Philippe Thomas had started Musidisc label in the mean time.
America Records issued then Creedence Clearwater Revival, folk and mostly jazz records licensed from Fantasy. Plus, Pierre Jaubert produced free jazz, blues and funk releases. That's the main part of the America Records catalogue.
That ends ca. late 70s but there was one more reactivation of the label late 80s for a few jazz-rock CDs.
And 15 free jazz Pierre Jaubert productions were reissued in 2004 on classy Free America series.

Note: Some LPs were issued on several versions. Rights society (BIEM or SACEM), printer, price code and label layout can help to differentiate.

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