Groupe de recherches musicales (GRM) is a pioneering French public centre in electro-acoustic research operating from Maison de Radio France in Paris and commissioning music works, developping compositional tools, promoting electro-acoustic music through radio, concerts, records, books and the internet.

1958 - Foundation of GRM by Pierre Schaeffer
1960 - Foundation of RTF Research Department featuring GRM
First studio established rue de l'université in Paris
1965 - Settling of ORTF Research Department and GRM new analog studios rue du recteur Poincaré in Paris
1973 - The Acousmonium - GRM orchestra of speakers is inaugurated in concert by François Bayle's L’expérience acoustique
1974 - First computer-music experiences led by Bénédict Mailliard, Pierre-Alain Jaffrenou & Bernard Durr
1975 - Merging of GRM & Departement de recherche et de recherche et de création musicales into the newly founded Institut national de l'audiovisuel (INA) settled at Maison de Radio France.
1978 - Launching of Collection GRM, quickly followed by Série Gramme directed by François Bayle and active up tp 1985 with more than 30 records published
1979 - Inauguration by Ivo Malec, François Bayle, Geneviève Mâche of an ongoing serie of concerts entitled Cycle acousmatique at Grand auditorium of Maison de Radio France
1984 - First SYstème TEmps Réel (SYTER) developped by Jean-François Allouis for real-time audio signal processing
1985 - First compact-disc released with Concert imaginaire, more than 50 discs released up to 1997
1988 - IRCAM MAX processor is further developped in GRM
1990 - Hugues Vinet's GRM Tools
1993 - Inauguration of Acousmathèque, the GRM library in charge of the preservation of more than 5000 tapes from 1500 works recorded since 1948 by more than 200 different composers
1997 - Daniel Teruggi succeed to François Bayle (1967-1997) at GRM's head
2002 - Emmanuel Favreau enhanced GRM Tools with Contrast, Equalize, Freq Warp & Freq Shift
2005 - Launching of Festival "Présences électronique" by its director Christian Zanési
2006 - Christian Zanési succeed to Daniel Teruggi at GRM's head
2016 - François Bonnet (2) succeed to Christian Zanési at GRM's head

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Maison de la radio
116 avenue du Président Kennedy
75016 Paris, France
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  • ultimathulerecords's avatar
    The INA-GRM was established in 1975, and released their first vinyl LP's in 1978.
    Original pressings on the standard series were distributed by WEA, and had colour printed paper labels.
    Serie Gramme LP's first came out with series covers featuring the Gramme logo on the front.
    2nd pressings, and new releases circa 1979/80+ were distributed by Harmonia Mundi, and had plastic labels through to 1892.
    1983+ paper labels were used again.