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  • mikeh69's avatar
    It hasn't been mentioned here but I suppose I will .... Eaglerock DVD's depending on the title release CD's and LP's I think from Let There Be Vinyl or the CD's are probably made from Eaglerock and radio broadcasts but they use Let them eat vinyl... And I have to say I bought for 20 dollars which according to another seller is worth 200.00 dollars. The title I'm refering to is Dusty Springfield at The Royal Albert Hall... And there's more to this .... They use the DVD as the audio part to make CDs and Vinyl ... So the idea of a multitrack mix or a 2 track analog tape with a mastering engineer like Kevin Gray that's definitely not happening here ... Matter of fact during A Brand New Me while they were doing something with recording levels had it the thing on 10 or max and at first I was like where did that distortion suddenly come from... Then listening to iit again I hear the distortion recording level go from like 10 back to the regular recording level... I don't know how many even own this 2 LP set ... But if you play the beginning of that track most likely you will hear that exact same thing... And I guess one more to add quiet perfect vinyl this is not .. I hear vinyl abnormalities all over the place and not sure if it's stereo or mono ... That's a lot for one release.
    • BarryBev's avatar
      Quality Control non existent. I've returned around 10 albums over the last 12 months due to scratches or visible marks when opening up from the shrinkwrap. If I'm paying 20 quid for an album, I expect quality to be Mint. I'd rather pay £30 for an original pressing in Mint Condition than give Let Them Eat Vinyl another penny until they sort out their quality control at the pressing plant.
      • Choose-A-Username's avatar
        I have several issues of that label. All LPs are pretty decent, soundwise. I don't think they're illegal.
        • MabuhayKa's avatar
          Dont by anything by Let Them Eat Vinyl....material is not legal in the US and not licensed by owners of the material....bootlegs technically.