New York Haunted

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Electronic music label based in Tilburg, Netherlands, curated by Drvg Cvltvre.

Parent Label:Snug Life Records
Sublabels:Aancient VVars, Das Omen
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[email protected]

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  • chrislowski's avatar
    Edited 6 years ago
    Wicked stuff - a lot of different styles represented, techno, acid, house, industrial, noise... some of my favourite's are P​.​I​.​L​.​A​.​R. - Black Marble EP, AAAA - True Peak EP, Opioid Slot Machine - I​-​IV, DyLAB - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out , DMTR DSTNT - Tertium Organum, Sistal - Spirit & Matter EP, Slow Comet - Soluble Memories, Drvg Cvltvre - No Sacred Ground For The Conquered.

    The release schedule is quite fast but I always look forward to hearing what's next!
    • TriHard's avatar
      Edited 8 years ago
      Raw and dirty tracks, tapes can be purchased at juno, decks, deejay de, and clone(biggest selection, but expensive ass shipping unless you are near NL), probably a few others i dont know about