Dee Jay Recordings

Dee Jay Recordings

Deejay Recordings was a Drum & Bass / Jungle label which was related to Lucky Spin Recordings. They released from 1992 - 1997 and some all time classics were among those releases.
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DJ Recordings
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March 31, 2015
edited over 4 years ago
I'm completely repeating myself from having just written this on the Lucky Spin page too but Lucky Spin and Deejay will always be in my top 5 labels - they were on form from 92-96 and really pushed the scene. People talk about Metalheadz and Moving Shadow all the time but these guys were solid and you can always go back and find some real gems from both labels. Unfortunately half the stuff got slept on but thanks to Youtube and Discogs you can still track down the magic.

Yeti Dog and Freshuk, we must all be clones - i have exactly the same experiences, memories and thoughts about this music from the mid 90s. What a time.

PS - Pete Parsons - what a legacy!


February 14, 2015
Where would the scene have been without Dee Jay, Lucky Spin, Monroe Studio, Pete "Voyager" Parsons, all the DJ's and producers, they had such a massive impact and influence on the sound and style of those hugely important few years in the early to mid 90's - the true golden age of drum and bass. So glad I started DJ'ing back then, the weekly visit to the record shops were so exciting, a constant flow of new, original, quality tunes, you could feel the music constantly shifting and growing, with people pushing the boundaries of how good music could make you feel, with or without substances! Happy Days.


April 15, 2014
edited over 2 years ago
absolutely wicked label - I cannot believe this hasn't got any review??
definitely responsible for some of the biggest names and tunes to come out the doors. The label artwork was done by DJ Crystl who also had a number of releases and remixes on here (as well as the associated label Lucky Spin).

It started off hardcore jungle, then slowly went into the more "bukemesque" sound - which was IMO fantastic as at the time there wasn't really much on offer in that genre. i am positive there are still some releases missing that have not been captured so if anyone has anything else to add, get it up on here as im sure there is a lot of collectors trying to nail down copies of some of these!

i do have a weird one - DJX029 - I have the normal press and a promo press - the promo labelled press has a completely different track on it - its not the After Hours track - which I am completely miffed about as my original press is not the best copy so bought the promo version as it was advertised as Near Mint on ebay. It arrived today so i was buzzing to check out the After Hours track ready for a mix i am doing off this label - so was incredibly disappointed it wasn't on it, but still, a nice surprise that its something i haven't got.......

does anyone else own the promo version of DJX029 and can you shed any light on to what the mystery track is? I am pretty certain that this is a remix or another version of West Coast Flavor and not sure if anyone else has this or if its some really odd rarity!!!

Going back to the releases, there is some great examples of tracks which stood the test of time and anyone who was anyone buying these tunes back in 1993-1995 knew full well that it took easily 6 months to get from a Dubplate to vinyl release and Meditation, Dreams of Heaven, Spiritual Aura & Babylon were all top tunes that were in all the main dj's sets at the time and also took a rediculous amount of time to get a formal release - but by god when they came out, punters were ripping them off the shelves.

I do think that some of the releases seem to have not got the respect they deserve - simply because they were more to the sounds of Bukem, Fabio & Peshay's style at the time, but even listening to the production work of them now, they are in fact timeless. fresh & crisp sounding - oozing of quality. I recommend that anyone thats searching out a good label from 22 years in the making, you will have dropped in the right place with this one - so make sure you buy them all up at whatever cost as the artists involved and output is sublime and a must for anyones drum & bass collection!!! (the same goes for the Lucky Spin releases)