Aladdin (6)


US label launched by brothers Eddie Mesner and Leo Mesner in Los Angeles, California, in February 1946.
For all bootleg / counterfeit / unofficial releases, see Aladdin (8).
Previously known as Philo Recordings, the name had to be changed because of the similarity to radio manufacturer Philco, which at that time was thinking about starting a record division. The Mesners sold the entire Aladdin catalog to Lew Chudd's Imperial Records on February 12, 1962. The brand was revived in 1974 by Billy Hancock and his brother Dale. Today, the Aladdin catalog is owned by Universal Music Group. The Mesner brothers later helped found the Dig Records label with Johnny Otis.

Note: Intro Records (3) 45 singles have similar matrix IDs on labels.

For company credits, see:
-Aladdin Records (Los Angeles, California)
-Aladdin Record Company (Washington, D.C.)

45 RPM Catalog Number, Date and Label Identification:
3000-3259 (1947-1954): Blue label.
3260-3399 (1954-1957): Maroon label (except a blue label on 3338).
3400 and higher (1957 forward): Black label.
Opaque green vinyl exists for 3097, 3104, 3128; Opaque red vinyl for 3144.

Sublabels:100 Series, 200 Series, 2000 Series (2), 3000 Series (2), 500 Series, Folk Tunes, Jazz Series (2), Spiritual (4), Western (5)
Contact Info:

423-1/2 West Fifth Street
Los Angeles 13, California
(Contact info now obsolete)

5352 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles 19, California
(Contact info now obsolete) , , , ,


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