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Label from Paris, France with a long complex history going back to the 1970s, originally known as just Spalax. In the 1990s the label was mostly the vehicle of Gabriel Ibos - previously with Vamp Records, Barclay, and many other French labels. He was also the key figure in promoting German acts like Agitation Free, Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze, etc. in France, hence why such artists feature strongly on the Spalax Music label. Circa 1994 Spalax as a partnership was dissolved when MSI distribution ran in to trouble, and was then rebranded as Spalax Music with a new logo and Gabriel Ibos as sole proprietor. After getting married and moving to the Far East Gabriel let the label wind-down post 2004. Spalax Music ceased trading in 2009 and finally folded for good in 2014.

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Spalax all releases 1974 to mid 1994 (with the Spalax blind mole-rat "Spalax Ehrenbergi" logo).
Spalax Music all releases mid 1994 plus (sans the old logo) often with either SPALAX MUSIC in bold, or circa 1996 onwards with the logo seen here.

Spalax Music also exists as a publisher (established in 1988) although is as often credited with "marketed by".
Tempel on such releases is a copyright holder only, not a label (established in 1991).
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Spalax Music was handled by several distributors during its lifetime (some credited on releases, some not), including: MSI, Socadisc, WMD, Mélodie Distribution, Wagram, then Multiwaves from 1999 until they ceased trading in 2009.

Note: for some reason many 1990s releases credit SUISA as Rights Society, causing some people to think the label is from Switzerland. Some releases were also pressed in Switzerland, or at pressing plants in Austria and Czech Republic. All Spalax Music releases are from France.

Sublabels:Antisocial Le Label, Authentic Music Of The American Indian, Authentic Precolombian Music, Intemporalys, Spalax2, Tempel
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10 rue des Feuillantines, 75005 Paris, France


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