Ace Of Clubs


Budget Decca label releasing The Decca Record Company Limited's back catalogue of UK productions.
See Ace Of Hearts for budget recordings licensed from Decca Records, Inc. in the USA.

Ace Of Clubs was a budget label brand from The Decca Record Company Limited, active from May or June 1958 until the mid-1970s in the United Kingdom. Most of its releases were in the classical music genre, but there is also plenty of dance, folk, jazz and blues and early rock music on this label. The sound and pressing quality of these budget releases is generally very good.
Decca used the Ace Of Clubs imprint to re-release British recordings from their back catalogue, while sister label Ace Of Hearts did exactly the same for U.S. material.

Ace of clubs sometimes appears named as a series on some releases. Decca however regards it as a label of theirs.

Parent Label:Decca
Sublabels:Ace Of Clubs Treasury Series, Kathleen Ferrier, Modern Music Series (4)


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