Independent Dutch label, based in Utrecht. Labelboss/DJ White Delight released 13 leftfield techno/acid/house/electro records between 1993 and 1997.
The label name was a tribute to the Chicago 'Trax' label, and since most of the talent was from the Utrecht area, U-TRAX seemed like the only possible name: tracks from Utrecht.
In 1995, the sublabel 'PHOQ U Phonogrammen' was launched for the harder / more uptempo techno & acid tracks.
From 1997 on, U-TRAX continued as a multimedia / game translation / advertising company, until 2014.
Though no records were released after 1997, the U-TRAX record label was never officially abolished. In 2018 the label is rebooting, with some of the old releases being distributed again. In 2019, re-issues and brand new releases will follow.

The catalogue numbers missing in the series were reserved for CD releases that never saw the light of day after the label went into hibernation. Some were released on other labels later on.
These catalogue numbers have now officially been deleted and will be replaced by other releases in the future.
8 UTR FDG 2: Sonar Base - untitled CD
9 UTR AWAX 3: The Awax Foundation - Earwax from the AWAX files CD
10 UTR AWAX 4: CultureClash - The Monster Music Radio Show CD
14 UTR BISH 2: Bishop - The Hermit and the Hanged Man CD

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