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Ken shut down his TMOQ in late 1973, and set up another label called TAKRL - The Amazing Kornyphone Record Label with another bootlegger, "Dr Telly Phone". Dub shut down his TMOQ in 1974, after some unnerving investigation from the FBI, and took a short break from bootlegging. Ken's TAKRL became a major operator, flanked by many new labels invented by Ken, such as TKRWM - The Kornyphone Records for the Working Man, SODD - Singer's Original Double Disks, ZAP - Ze Anonym Plattenspieler, and HHCER - Highway Hi-Fi Collector's Edition Records, Spindizzle/Flat, and others upon others. These were finally shut down in 1976/1977, at about the same time as Dub resurrected his old TMOQ for a few albums and then took it back down. Ken stayed in bootlegging with some new labels, IMP/IRW - Impossible Recordworks and Excitable Recordworks, using black & white printed covers, and Phoenix and Saturated Records, who repressed old TMQ and TAKRL boots in deluxe colour. At this time, Ken was living in Spain, but his labels were all based in California.

Many of Ken's earlier labels used paper insert covers and these came in either two colour or Tri-colour variations. It is assumed by many that the Tri-colour inserts are from the original first pressings, however there are no grounds to prove this and it's more likely that they used whatever was nearest to hand at any given time, and I believe the same applies to the TAKRL labels which are much more attractive than the more common plain 'side one' & 'side two' labels which Ken Often used. TAKRL also sometimes included generic back cover inserts for some of their albums, and so, for a collector, the rarest and best TAKRL editions have a Tri-colour insert, custom printed Takrl labels and a generic back insert.

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