Olde English Spelling Bee

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Label founded by Todd Ledford.

Sublabels:Series 200
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P.O. Box 928
New York
NY 10009

[email protected]
[email protected]

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  • carlcrack's avatar
    todd gotta be the biggest scammer in the vapor sphere ngl
    • rg_'s avatar
      Edited one year ago
      Todd's account got suspended. It's a real shame to see such an incredible label collapse in on itself through cheating, lying and scamming after over a decade of praise. I'll miss this label, sad to see it go away with a whimper like this. (No sympathy to Todd, though.)
      • glitchgod's avatar
        I would trade in my OESB copy of Floral Shoppe for a chance to kick Todd square in the chest.
        • MidnightMiami's avatar
          Funny enough, I actually was one of the few ones who got a copy of Floral Shoppe officially from OESB, but nevertheless, still never got my Dragon Soul. This guy is a known scam artist who took people's money and either ran or just really messed things up and told nobody. Either way, ARTISTS + BUYERS -- AVOID THIS LABEL AT ALL COSTS
          • tonysakich's avatar
            I'm yet another person who was scammed by Todd Ledford when I ordered two copies of Macintosh Plus' Floral Shoppe about 18 months ago. This guy actually send out pictures of packaged records being shipped to ensure everyone that they would get their copy, this was along with multiple emails that stretches for months promising that everyone would receive their records.

            Needless to say I believed the scammer and I also got burned by this unprofessional idiot. I'd caution everyone to stay away from him, don't give him business and don't distribute his records as he's apparently still in business and hasn't tried to fix this problem and get people their records when it's clear they are pressed and are being sold in other outlets.

            Todd Ledford and Olde English Spelling Bee are scammers, never forget.
            • hunting_lodge's avatar
              I have a worse story. Last year Todd contacted me about releasing the record of my rockabilly band. He thought the music was great but insisted that I "work on my image" which I thought was good advice. Through an endowment of the arts with the city of Austin, Texas I was able to get full sleeve rockabilly tattoos in preparation for the release and subsequent tours. OESB paid me $10,000 for the masters, and then I never heard a single word back from him. So I have the money which is nice, but I have NO RECORD, NO CAREER, and I'm apparently stuck with these full sleeve tattoos that my wife hates.
              • NegativeElectron's avatar
                Edited 4 years ago
                It's been like 3 years since I bought both the Dragon Soul and Human Story 3 vinyl. I then made the mistake of buying the Floral Shoppe vinyl later that year in August. Still have yet to receive ANYTHING. No updates for like over a year.

                Piece of shit label. Do not even approach this label.
                • hierooo's avatar
                  Has anyone got their money back from the floral shoppe scam?
                  • whenthemachinesrock's avatar
                    This label devolved into a scam. The owner collected thousands of dollars from buyers and did not deliver the product. He mocks and threatens people with doxxing if they ask where the record they paid for is. Please report his bandcamp so he cannot continue to scam people.
                    • jobrockert's avatar
                      I am a visual artist who sold the rights to one of my paintings to be used on an album many years ago. I was never paid a penny and Todd claimed poverty and that he was going to shutter the record label. That he is still making albums and obviously scamming others infuriates me. Do not give this label your money or your art - not at all trustworthy!