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The record label “Slow Walk Music” is from the hands of Javi Zarco, Fernando Redondo and Aaron Feder, with more than 20 years of professional experience in the world of music. They have worked in all facets of the music industry; record labels, production, management, recording, booking, publishing and recording, plus many years on tour.

Among awards they have received are Grammy’s, BBC Awards, Womex Awards, IMPALA, and more.

While working together in the Alma Afrobeat Ensemble, as well as other projects and groups playing African music, they decided to start a label to address the basic needs of a working musician, such as the management of copyright and acquisition of royalties, distribution and promotion of their music, as well as the recording process. In order to fulfill these objectives, Slow Walk Music collaborates with experienced professionals for promotion and visual arts: Graphic design, Txarly Brown. Audiovisual: 2 Mentes Distintas. Community Manager: Oscar Blanc. Promotion: B-Nova Promotions. Digital Distribution: Zebralution. Publishing: Bona Tarda.

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