Liberation Records


Liberation Records was an independent label created by Michael Gudinski and Glenn Wheatley which operated between 1981 and the late nineties.
It was initially distributed by EMI in Australia and Festival Records (NZ) Ltd. in New Zealand, and for a brief period (c1987-90) by CBS Records Australia.
From May 1990, Liberation Records product was transferred to Festival distribution (oftentimes with a sticker over the barcode indicating a new catalogue number) and in the late 90s by MDS when it was absorbed as the foreign licensing division of Mushroom in Australia and BMG in NZ.

Please note that any releases on the Liberation Music label, which is a separate label owned by Michael Gudinski and Warren Costello, set up in 1999, should go on the Liberation Music page.

Parent Label:Mushroom
Sublabels:Body Beat, Shake Records (6)
Contact Info:

(for reference only, no longer operational)
Liberation Records
9 Dundas Lane
Albert Park
Australia 3206


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