Record Technology Incorporated JazzLoser

June 2, 2021
I for one have not had anything but a great experience with these guys from the Blue Note Tone Poet series

Record Technology Incorporated jangrimm

July 20, 2021
I can confirm that the Blue Note Tone Poet series is the least affected by RTI and quite, quite fine! However, earlier Analogue Productions, Classic Records and even rather recent Impex pressings is where you find where all the anger about this pressing plant stems from. Rather sadly I have to say that Blue Note Tone Poet is an absolute exception to the otherwise super instable pressing quality from RTI. Even got some records that are completely screwed (read: damaged to the degree they won't be put on the platter again) by this company. When they get it right, boy, they really do (little surface noise, perfect flat discs, centered labels, ...) - but when they don't... it's just so frustrating.

Record Technology Incorporated bmeagan

April 11, 2021
Just bought Michigan by Sufjan Stevens "3 times" and had to send each copy back. Absolutely TERRIBLE pressing. Dirty, smudged, at times scratched. Pop, crackle, hiss, click. Really terrible quality control form this pressing plant.

Record Technology Incorporated speed808

December 20, 2020
What is the point of having the best mastering and cut if you can't press a clean and flat record? You guys need to get it together or take a break. GZ vinyl's quality control is now better than yours and this is no exaggeration.

Record Technology Incorporated jangrimm

July 20, 2021
I guess it should be clear that he's talking about GZ in Czechia.

Record Technology Incorporated tangerinegripz

March 4, 2021
GZ isn't really as bad, but they surely don't press "audiophile" quality stuff. They are serviceable. RTI is long gone from their heyday, they barely have any quality control now. Truly luck of the draw.

Record Technology Incorporated benny_wong_tong

January 17, 2021
GZ ?? Seriously ? They have many many pressing plants and they are all different. Seriously you know nothing about pressing...

Record Technology Incorporated MrShocktime

April 27, 2020
Never ending dish warps coming from RTI these days (past few years, really). Where did the quality control go?

Record Technology Incorporated vinylfilmaholic

July 8, 2019
I’ve noticed their QC is lagging a little lately. Got a repress of Natalie Merchant “Tigerlily” releases by MoFi and it was off centered on one side. Not to mention some coming scuffed. Sad, considering they’re usually one of the best.

Record Technology Incorporated blueburrito7

November 16, 2018
Does anyone have any experience with this press? Just got a test pressing back from them and it's one of the best sounding test pressings I've ever received. I'm not finding much other info about them online, but they seem solid. Want to learn more before placing any other orders with them.

Record Technology Incorporated tomchapple

June 20, 2019
I have a brand new pressing of the recent Analog Spark West Side Story reissue. It is generally a great pressing although not perfect. There are some artifacts in the vinyl, but I can live with it. The remastering is stunning (although some weird balance issues occasionally with certain percussion instruments.

Record Technology Incorporated mcalphax

December 21, 2018
edited over 3 years ago
I can only confirm what soundspace said. Go for QRP or RTI, avoid Rainbo and URP.

Record Technology Incorporated soundspace

December 13, 2018
edited over 3 years ago
Not an artist, but I am a vinyl collector and I believe RTI is the 2nd best pressing plant in the US. The top spot in the US (in my opinion) right now is 'Quality Record Pressings' out of Kansas. Despite some reported issues on here, I haven't had any issues with them so far.
As with any pressing facility, nothing is ever completely perfect in manufacturing, but I believe RTI is much more consistent with quality control than Rainbo or United. Any time I see a vinyl is pressed by Rainbo or United on here, I usually source a Europe pressing (if available).