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Stomp Records was founded in 1994 by Matt Collyer of The Planet Smashers and Jordan Swift of The Kingpins. The label specializes in third wave ska, and was founded to release All-Skanadian Club Volume 1, a compilation of ska and ska punk from across Canada. Soon after that release, The Planet Smashers released their self-titled debut album and The Kingpins released the "On the Run" EP on the label. In 2000, Stomp Records merged with 2112 Records, a fellow Montreal based label that specialized in punk rock, to form Union 2112.

Parent Label:The Union Label Group
Contact Info:

1223 St Laurent
Montreal, Quebec
H2X 2S6, Canada
Phone 514.842.5887
Fax 514.842.5906 , MySpace , Facebook


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