I Love Acid AskeladdenBlack

August 14, 2018
They have a vision of what they want for the label, they are fully aware that they could sell 3 times as many copies (although that would mean it would be focussing on the 909 and not the 303 I suppose) its their label & the artists know what the deal is regarding the limited run. They are good people and are dedicated to the scene and I respect their vision.

I Love Acid PuntoAparte

April 26, 2018
Theres been some nice Acid tracks put out on this label, however I lost interest after the first 5 or 6, as they just become too hard to get hold of.
I personally hate the search and rarity aspect of buying records, it my opinion its all bullshit. Music should be accessible, I'll never understand grippers and flippers, something wrong upstairs. Fair enough theres a cost implication and risk in making thousands of records you may not sell. So press a small amount on vinyl, then make them available digitally. To not do so would suggest the label cultivates the rarity and mystique bullshit. So from this point onwards they can keep it.

I Love Acid Spastmatiker

April 2, 2018
Although there are some great releases on here (especially the jerome hill one) i hate the „limited only and no digital hurr hurr“ bullshit.
Just makes the releases unneccessarily harder to get.
Also i dont understamd why they do it. At least it‘s not for the money since they would get much more if they just released it digitally or re-press it.
I guess they want to make these releases extra special, but in the end it‘s just annoying everybody (except the guys who try to sell these for 80€)

I Love Acid tnadnort

April 22, 2018
ILA have set up their stall, they do their thing, press up a limited run and move on. What happens then it really of no concern to them. Will it inflate prices? Yes! Is this a new thing? Absolutely not! It was happening in Chicago in the 80's.

If you want a digital copy; there is nothing stopping you except the legality of it, to buy the vinyl and digitise it. You could probably offload the vinyl and make a tidy profit on the second hand sale while you are at it?

You could also wait for the 3D printer to evolve to the stage where they have the ability to make a facsimile of any vinyl disc.

Me? I play vinyl and once dipped my toe in to the waters of the digital realm when ILA released the USB compilation; brrrrrrrrr too cold. I'm sticking with vinyl, I love vinyl, I Love Acid!

I Love Acid mrgypsum

February 28, 2017
they should make these releases available via digital after the release goes out of print, or a year from release, just saying.