Bedouin Records


Independent label founded in 2014 by Salem Rashid (fatalism)
Based in Bangkok, Thailand

Sublabels:Bastakiya Tapes , Bandcamp , Soundcloud , X , YouTube , Facebook , Instagram


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  • zekKklaj's avatar
    One of the best electronic labels out there... Shamefully underrated !
    • Akiraaaaaaa's avatar
      My favourite label - pleasing aesthetics, consistently great music and a reasonable timeframe between releases which mean you don't get swamped if you miss a couple. Perfect.
      • DoNotBend's avatar
        Fyi those discog shark prices are strictly for anti-digital ascetics. Bedouin indeed has a bandcamp.
        • skrufaze's avatar
          Edited 9 years ago
          The underdog that is on the rise cause it has Buddhist Zen,Jesus and Allah by its SIdes!Well the fact tahts its noize.tekno oriented from around the globe u gotta love datmthe old skool methods but for my liking,,till the krust tape landed for the breaks and hiphop mpc Headz.Someting burialistic would switch the formula and freshen it up,but still u get perfect graphics and calligraphy,it must be so many headz and peoples involved and hard work ,180 gr Vinyl for those that know and perfect mastering.Leading the way and these bedouins are at their next installment oasis already!