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Piehead Records was a Canadian independent CD-R label from Toronto active between 2002 and 2005 and specialized in experimental electronica. Piehead founders Greg Clow and Sheryl Kirby opened "Stained Productions" promotion/concert agency in 1996, organizing multiple events in Toronto and booking artists like Dead Voices On Air, David Kristian, Rapoon, and Marumari before starting the label. Piehead Records ran annual subscription series akin to a "record-of-the-month" club, shipping a new release each month to mailorder customers. CD-Rs were sold separately, too; however, the final edition in each series, a compilation of exclusive tracks from all 11 artists, was exclusively available only to listeners who purchased the entire series from Piehead directly. The label also acted as the exclusive mailorder distributor for alectric records, organized by the Hellothisisalex duo. Two labels co-produced the band's A Murder Of Crows MP3 album in February 2004, which became Piehead's sole digital-only release.

After concluding three annual series between 2002 and 2004, Piehead Records released the label's first individual album, Fragments Of Illumina CD-R by Edward Ka-Spel of the iconic band The Legendary Pink Dots, which came out as a limited edition of 233 copies in July 2005. The label and "Stained Productions" promotion ceased all activities in December 2005.

Sublabels:Piehead Records 2002 Limited Edition Series, Piehead Records 2003 Limited Edition Series, Piehead Records 2004 Limited Edition Series
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Piehead Records
158 Close Ave., 2nd floor
Toronto ON M6K 2V5

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