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Buffalo Bop is a German label dedicated to American rockabilly and roots-influenced rock'n'roll of the Fifties and early Sixties.

Started in 1985, the Buffalo Bop label followed directly on the heels of the similarly themed "sister" sublabel Bison Bop. (Bison Bop operated from 1979-1985.) If the two sublabels ever operated simultaneously it would've been only briefly, in the transition year. A total of 64 compilation LPs in Buffalo Bop's "The Bop That Never Stopped" series were issued between 1985-1992. This included Volumes 1-38, each of which shared a catalog number with its counterpart in the earlier Bison Bop-label series. Except for the logo change the contents and sleeve design of both versions are virtually indistinguishable. After nearly a decade without a vinyl release a single, final LP, Volume 65, was released in 2001. In 1993 Buffalo Bop became a CD-only label, its specialty being themed compilations pulled from American rockabilly and early roots-influenced rock'n'roll. The most recent Buffalo Bop CD compilation was released in 2021.
The CD serie last nr is 55200.

Parent Label:Dee Jay Schallplatten GmbH
Sublabels:The Bop That Never Stopped
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Berlin, West Germany (1978-1981)
Hamburg, West Germany (1981-2010)


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