Zomba Enterprises, Inc.

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US-based publishing company, affiliated to the Zomba Corporation and ASCAP. Operating under this name from 7 July to 18 July 1977, and again from 29 March 1979 to 13 December 2006.

Also referred to as: Zomba Enterprises Inc. Please consider Zomba Enterprises, Zomba Enterprises Ltd., if so credited.

NY company number: 440698
Incorporated: 7 July 1977 - this page
First name change: 18 July 1977 to Athlone Enterprises, Inc.
Second name change: 29 March 1979 (reverted name) - this page
Merged: 12 December 2006 into 'Zomba Music Publishing LLC'
Dissolved: 13 December 2006 (merged)

The following companies were merged into the Company on 30 June 2004: Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing, Inc., FirstCom Music, Inc., Zomba Melodies Inc., and Zomba Songs Inc.

Sublabels:Zomba Golden Sands Enterprises, Inc., Zomba Music Publishing, Inc.
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Registered address:
137-139 West Street 25th St
New York
NY 10001 , Wikipedia


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