Melbourne Underground Development

Melbourne Underground Development

In Melbourne, Australia, in 1992, the Melbourne Underground Development (M.U.D.) crew started a series of warehouse/rave parties that continued for almost 10 years, with 21 of their own Every Picture Tells A Story parties in total - drawing thousands of people to each event.

The all night festivals show-cased Melbourne's best live electronic musicians, DJs, computer animation, performance artists and visual art, and also introduced a plethora of international acts to the city, at the Global Village warehouse complex in Footscray, Melbourne, with a collective of other artists (such as the Mutoid Waste Company) and DJs who together formed a hub of creative expression centred around the underground techno movement.

M.U.D. also put on other events such as the Pleazure and Strange parties, all of them events as famous for their unique décor, installation art, video graphics and vibe as they were for the music performed by dozens of Australian and international live acts and DJs.

The final Every Picture party (#21) was held in 2000.

Internationals headlining the parties included Luke Slater, Claude Young, Derrick May, Stacey Pullen, Ultra Sonic, and Tatsuyoshi Kawabata.

As a side-story, M.U.D. also operated as a record label, having released three Every Picture Tells A Story compilations of Melbourne-based producers such as Voiteck, Zen Paradox, Slieker, Honeysmack, Little Nobody, Son Of Zev, TR-Storm, Kandyman, Davide Carbone, Sugar, Lumukanda, Natural 1, The DEA, PB909, Ollie Bobbitt, D-rek and Kilroy.