1960s-1970s country label from Nashville, Tennessee.

The new 'Line' was introduced in Billboard 25. Apr. 1964 page 43 for mono and stereo records, as a subsidiary of Pickwick International, Pickwick Bldg., Long Island City 1, N.Y.

'introducing Hilltop Records - an exhilarating new view on country and western from the folks at Pickwick International!'

Most of the releases includes previously released content, as stated on the releases, commonly top right at the rear cover. This may hint to an earlier version of the release by the quoted label, but also for a new compilation with content from that label. So please take care for the use of the reissue tag.

Whether the quoted date from the P & C marks match the release date, depense on the quoted location of the parent company, as this changed through the years. If any doubt, the release date should stay vacant. For this reason please try to denote the company location verbatim at the release notes.
Early releases shows the Hilltop brand on the front cover. Later ones used the Pickwick/33 logo in a hexagonal frame. Even later the 'Pi' brand of the company appears instead.

Parent Label:Pickwick International, Inc.


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