German subsidiary label owned by the Intercord Ton GmbH and its 1995 renamed successor Intercord Tonträger GmbH.
Label Code: LC 1109 / LC 01109
Intercord is also often mentioned as a distributor and for other company tasks. This commonly belongs to the company versions, but please add exactly as given on the release.

Attention! The six digit cat# structure XXX.XXX (usually with INT prefix) has been in use since the middle of 1976. Releases with earlier ℗ & © are reissues throughout (copyright or first publishing notes - not a release date!).

In the meantime, the Intercord records were pressed by Sonopress. These pressings can be identified by the runout matrix, that frequently also appears printed on the labels. The usual code is A-####, B-####, etc. followed by A-1 / B-1 75 for example. Please read the Sonopress profile carefully and ask in the forum if unsure how to process. It is not mandatory to update the pressing plant or lacquer cut credits. So if in doubt, please only add the runouts, so that a specialist user can do the further updates.

The dating of Intercord releases is a problem in many cases. There are often several releases with different first three digits. They commonly denote the same ℗ & © date, but of course are released on different dates. If any doubt, please don't add dates here.

Intercord is known to show mastering dates in the runouts. For this reason, it is desirable to denote the matrix. Please don't confuse this with a release date here, as it is just a hint!
Furthermore the matrix usually refers to the first cat# version for an Intercord release.

Different label codes appear if Intercord primarily works as a manufacturer and distributor.

Instructions about Intercord cat# on Roadrunner Records releases (used since 1990):
In the absence of distribution tag, please use: or IRS or D IRS --> Distributed By - Intercord Record Service
-INT or D INT --> Distributed By - Intercord

Parent Label:Intercord Ton GmbH
Sublabels:Art Of Classics, Classical Creations, Concerto Collection, Die Rote Zora, Die Schönsten Werke Der Musik, Dixieland Jubilee (2), Feuermähne, Gielen-Edition, Glückliche Zukunft, Gutenachtgeschichten (2), ...
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