Hangars Liquides

Hangars Liquides

French experimental electronics hardcore label, under direction from La Peste.
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Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
HANGARS LIQUIDES 28 Spiral Field Velocity 2.0  album cover Atomhead Spiral Field Velocity 2.0(12") Hangars Liquides HANGARS LIQUIDES 28 France 2006 Sell This Version
HL 001 Haikumputer  album cover EPC Haikumputer(12") Hangars Liquides HL 001 France 1998 Sell This Version
HL 002 Spasm  album cover XKV8 Featuring Overtkill & Le Lascar XKV8 Featuring Overtkill & Le Lascar - Spasm HL 002 France 1998 Sell This Version
HL 003 Untitled  album cover La Peste Untitled HL 003 France 1998 Sell This Version
HL 005 Astrophysique Des Entonnoirs  album cover La Peste Astrophysique Des Entonnoirs HL 005 France 1998 Sell This Version
HL 006 Antisocial Korporation  album cover Korrigan Antisocial Korporation HL 006 France 1998 Sell This Version
HL 007 Nickelodeon  album cover EPC Nickelodeon(12") Hangars Liquides HL 007 France 1998 Sell This Version
HL 008 Un Arbre En Levitation  album cover Cytochrome C Un Arbre En Levitation(12") Hangars Liquides HL 008 France 1998 Sell This Version
HL 009 Untitled  album cover Various Untitled(12") Hangars Liquides HL 009 France 1999 Sell This Version
HL 010 The Exorcist  album cover Fist Of Fury The Exorcist HL 010 France 1999 Sell This Version
HL 011 Untitled  album cover Senical Untitled HL 011 France 1999 Sell This Version
HL 013 Sexe/Mort Vs. Rupture/Structure  album cover La Peste Sexe/Mort Vs. Rupture/Structure HL 013 France 2000 Sell This Version
HL 014 Gastrocrature  album cover Attila (4) Gastrocrature HL 014 France 1999 Sell This Version
HL 015 Absurd  album cover I:gor Absurd HL 015 France 2000 Sell This Version
HL 016 Some Relations With Girls  album cover Malaria Some Relations With Girls HL 016 France 2000 Sell This Version
HL 018 Untitled  album cover Neurocore Untitled HL 018 France 2004 Sell This Version
HL 019 Untitled  album cover Venetian Snares Untitled(12", W/Lbl) Hangars Liquides HL 019 France 2001 Sell This Version
HL021 Untitled  album cover La Peste Untitled HL021 France 2001 Sell This Version
HL 022 Sztorm  album cover Igor* Sztorm HL 022 France 2001 Sell This Version
HL 023 WTC.XTC  album cover La Peste / Aurelia-Djehan Derungs* & La Peste La Peste / Aurelia-Djehan Derungs* & La Peste - WTC.XTC(CD + DVD-V, PAL) Hangars Liquides HL 023 France 2004 Sell This Version
HL 024 Untitled  album cover La Peste Untitled HL 024 France 2006 Sell This Version
HL 26 Untitled  album cover La Peste Untitled(12") Hangars Liquides, Hangars Liquides HL 26 France 2005 Sell This Version
none Couloirs Des Titans  album cover La Peste Couloirs Des Titans(Cass, Ltd, Mixed) Hangars Liquides none France 1998 Sell This Version

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July 4, 2019
Where is HL 04??
more words more words more words but why?


December 18, 2010
edited over 8 years ago
Hangars Liquides is without question the pioneering concept of experimental electronic music our ears have been exposed to for over a decade!

Laurent Mialon aka La Peste's vision and now legacy has left a monumental aural trademark on observers all over the galaxy.

From the early harsh industrial hardcore/speedcore of an 18 year old from Brittany called EPC on Hangars Liquides 001 to La Peste's own works of genius! the liquid, mesmerising, Psychedelic hardcore/speedcore/ambient masterpeiece's on HL003, HL005(pam anderson on acid) and HL 013 still remain along with the works of Poka Michelson the most incredible mindbending psychedelic experimental hardcore/speedcore in my collection.

Highly experimental concept records by Attila HL014, the compilation on HL09 from various artists kept with the savage and unpredictable nature of a label with no barriers, no threshold, no mercy , only sheer passion and relentless ambition to not only showcase but shape forever the course music for our generation.

Then there was Hangars Liquides 010 by Fist of Fury named " The Exorcist EP". Arguably the best record Fist of fury (Eric Lauvaud of "Art is Anal") has ever written along with S.O.D.O.M 005.
This is an uncompromising ep of relentless kick drum brutality effortlessly blended with sickening backwashed samples, cries and screams from the cinematic spine chiller "the Exorcist".
A rare collectors item like most HL records.

Outings by Senical aka Lasse Steen, Cytochrome & Korrigan aka Helius Zhamiq further penetrated the psyche of followers and diversed the spectrum of HL releases.

Many People now know I:GOR from his latest Drum & bass crossover and dancefloor hardcore but when he made records for Hangars Liquides they were brutal and disturbing speedcore! its a shame he seems to have dis-owned what put him where he is now.

One of the most iconic Hangars Liquides records came in the form of " Malaria" ! a devastatingly haunting & sickening collaboration courtesy of Fist of Fury & Helius Zhamiq. Stand out track "Deviance Mentale" an all time fave of mine and described beautifully by Fishead on the release page along with his other descriptions of hangars liquides records as eloquent as they are spot on!

For me the record that took Hangars Liquides into Hyperspace was the creation of a good friend of mine, none other than the immense and astounding Christophe Neurocore! Hangars Liquides 018 is a record of cybercore genius and complexity bordering on the paradoxical stratosphere of beautiful & ferocious! Crystal clear futuristical speedcore that leaves all others behind!

La Peste's Flashcore concept has became more substantial in the last few releases of the label graced by La Peste and Atomhead. HL 24&26 by La Peste are the ambient soundtrack to life outside our own galaxy where Atomheads HL028 is an enigmatic thunderous tyrade of Mighty Hangars Liquides wonderfulnes.

Prob the only thing missing form this label were the Lyserging master works and acuteness of the Toulouse sisters Poka & Stella Michelson, the later " MOUSE" scheduled release on HL004 was never released.

In conclusion Hangars Liquides is Flair and originality, its captivating and perplexing, it is an innovator and an explorer of electronic psychedelic industrial soundscapes!


Darryn Phonofrantic reporting for duty sir! :)



June 17, 2008
Hangars Liquides is a legendary label. Over the last 10 years it has spawned some of the most abstract hardcore & speedcore records ever know to man. Some brilliant producers have appeared on this label over the years, from the sheer brutality of XKV8 to the brillance of Neurocore to the craziness of La Peste's soundscapes, its all here.

Always a label that pushed things forward, there is a lot of ground covered on Hangars, from straight forward 4/4 speedcore to breakcore to abstract sounds and loads (and loads) of weirdness.

One of the best labels around if you're a hardcore fan who loves to test their mind and ears.