DBS Duplication


Duplication company based in Toronto, Canada, owned and operated by Paul Murton.
Parent company: DBS Music Canada (

dbs music is reissuing music in public domain (before 1965) exclusively in Canada.

dbs music releases five titles from The Beatles Nov 7 2017 on 7" vinyl with a limited run of only 550 copies per title:
A) I Want To Hold Your Hand (DBS 001)
B) I Saw Her Standing There (DBS 001B)

A) She Loves You (DBS 002)
B) I'll Get You (DBS 002B)

A) Please Please Me (DBS 003)
B) Ask Me Why (DBS 003B)

A) From Me To You (DBS 004)
B) Thank You Girl (DBS 004B)

A) Sie Liebt Dich (She Loves You) (DBS 005)
B) I'll Get You (DBS 005B)

Parent Label:DBS Music Canada
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Paul Murton ,


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