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Twenty years having hung up, Closer's line is active again ... Closer Records, founded in Le Havre by Philippe Debris, was, one of the main French independent labels that emerged in the 80's. Closer records were distributed by New Rose (price code NRxxx printed on sleeve) until somewhere in 1984, and later by Virgin (price code PMxxx, on sticker for already printed sleeves, later printed on sleeve).
1983/2013... Thirty years after the release of its 1st reference (The Barracudas' "Meantime") Closer Records re-opened in 2013.

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Closer Records
1683, Le Mas Bertaud
Petite Route de Tarascon
13200 Arles / France
Tél : 06 80 01 97 12
e-mail : [email protected] , Facebook , , Bandcamp ,


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