Polytechnic Youth


A part time label run from home in Crouch End, North London. Inspired by a love of key era 1978-82 DIY minimal synth, early Mute, Transparent Illusion, The Magits, the Sheffield electronic scene, John Bender, Krautrock / Berlin School etc etc...
Self distro'd and vinyl only, the label mixed its releases between timed, small run lathe cut pressings and larger widespread releases that shops all stocked. Label head Dom's love for private press | DIY | handmade packaging was key to look and feel of the label. Operational between 2014 and 2022, Dom previously ran Earworm and The Great Pop Supplement as well as Deep Distance and more recently Feral Child; a new one off PY release is being readied for early 2024, after that? who knows....

sporadic twitter at: @polyyouth
Instagram: @dom_feralchild

Sublabels:Feral Child Records, Polytechnic Youth Sound Effects Centre
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[email protected]



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