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Document Records is a label specialised in reissues of Blues, Country, Gospel and Jazz.
It was founded in 1986 by Austrian collector Johnny Parth, who set out to release the complete catalogue of pre-war blues recordings.
In 2000 Parth sold the label to Gary and Gillian Atkinson and it became a UK based company.

Parent Label:Document Records Ltd.
Sublabels:"Too Late, Too Late", Complete Library Of Congress Recordings In Chronological Order, Field Recordings (4)
Contact Info:

Document Records Ltd.
Unit 2c Creek Road. Bladnoch Bridge.
Newton Stewart.
Tel: 01988 403200.
Fax: 01988 402333

For further information on distributing
Document Records
[email protected]
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  • chris-holderness's avatar
    It is so good to see that these recordings are still being made available in such quantity, whether CDR or not. The sound is excellent throughout. Thumbs up from me!
    • The-Malcster's avatar
      Yeah I Agree. I must have about half of the entire collection and even if some of them are CDR's, the musical content and the quality are really good - considering the age and rarity of some of these 78's. The notes are great too. Wonderfully done!
      • Banjoikey's avatar
        Hello , this is Gillian from Document Records . Just to clarify , Document has been producing CDRS since 2004 or thereabouts so that we could press low selling volumes in house . We have a catalogue of over 1,000 titles to maintain . Please understand that we are primarily a heritage label holding slow moving stock . In order for us to trade in this way we sometimes press to order and we press in batches of 25 or less for certain shops and certain customers We understand that this is an issue for a very small number of people but it is common practise in our industry to produce music on CDRs .
        When we produced music on Silver Discs CDRs we never had one query .We had a phase of producing music on silver discs with a white label .. same disc different label : this prompted about 3 complaints . The complaints were not about the sound .Three people complained that they simply did not like CDRS so it was hard to know what to do about that ...
        These days we have a mixture of productions . some very old stock may be on a CD , repressed stock is likely to be on CDR and new releases where we hope we may sell more than 200 copies will likely be on a CD . Sealed or used .the criteria I just indicated is applicable . Thanks so much .
        • askkendryden's avatar
          A warning about Document: At some point they switched to issuing manufactured CDRs without labeling their products as such. So whether you buy anything on the label still sealed or used from any source, be sure to ask what you will be getting.