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President: Kazutoshi Chiba

Date of Incorporation: Incorporated as a private limited company on June 11th, 1990.
Increased capital on September 26th, 1998 and became a Limited Company.

Started off as a music magazine publishing company.

1994: Bad News signs a deal with RMM (Latin label in US) to release RMM's catalog in Japan. The deal was ended in 1997.

1995: Bad News starts distributing through Bandai Music Entertainment as well as using original distribution.

1997: OW Label added to Bad News roster which included Peoples, Si! Label and Bad News Records.

2000: The distribution deal through Bandai Music Entertainment was over and Bad News changed distribution to Victor Entertainment in January.

2001: Bad News signs deals with JetSet Records.

2002: A new label called MIC LIFE was set up for foreign hip-hop to release adult oriented hip-hop rather than hit-chart hip-hop.

Missing releases in the DB:
BN-112 - FreeDom - 街に風が吹く1999/03/20
BN-133 - Macha (3) & Bedhead ‎- Macha Loved Bedhead 24 Jun 2000
BN-189 - 世武裕子 - Hello! Hello!
BNCP-21 - V.A. - 日本音圧協会 Vol.3
BNCP-56 - V.A. - JETSET compilation of the pop
BNCP-64 - V.A. Songs For The Jetset Vol.2 2001/06/23
BNCP-65 - V.A. Songs For The Jetset Vol.3 2001/06/23
BNCP-77 - Piebald - We Are The Only Friends We Have
BNCP-83 - Bright Eyes ‎– Every Day And Every Night REISSUE 2003/1/22
BNS-033 - V.A. - Doghouse Records Sampler 2006/07/25

Parent Label:Bad News Music Publishing Co., Inc.
Sublabels:¡Si! Records, Bass野郎, Bass野郎 Hardcore, Bass野郎 エロチカ, Bati Macumba, La Mecca Records, Miclife, NOISE McCARTNEY RECORDS, OW Records, People's, ...
Contact Info:

Bad News Music Publishing, Co., Inc.
4th FL, MST Shibuya, 1-13-5, Dougenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo, JAPAN. 150-0043
Phone: 81-3-3477-2200 Fax: 81-3-3477-1861


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