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Concrete productions was a UK based underground label, specialising mainly in Industrial music, which was set up by Andrew E Beer of 400 Blows in 1981 to release the 7" 'Ghoulish Practices'. This was followed by the brilliant and seminal "Beat the Devil". Following their signing to Illuminated Records in 1982/83, C.P. was put to one side, although it acted as the production arm of 400 Blows. Soon friend, Andrew Burton began working with Andrew E Beer, Tony Thorpe and Robert Taylor (4) in 1983, helping out with production and recording live events, becoming increasingly more involved, he eventually took over ownership of the label so that Andrew E Beer could devote himself to building 'Warrior Records' helped by Tony Thorpe.

Parent Label:Concrete Productions Inc.
Sublabels:Funky Alternatives
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Concrete Productions Inc.
P.O. Box 798 London W.14 9NT


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