Scotti Bros. Records


American record label founded in the mid-seventies by brothers Anthony aka Tony Scotti and Benjamin Scotti.
A Scotti Brothers Entertainment Company.
Labelcode: LC 5827

1971: After an unsuccessful and uninspired film career, Anthony (Tony) Scotti joins MGM Records as a senior vice president.

1974: With his experience at MGM, Tony joins with his brother Ben to create a music marketing company initially called Ben Scotti Productions. The company handles such acts as ELO and Survivor. Scotti Bros. Records is formed. Initially distributed by Atlantic Records.

1981: After branching out into television with the Scotti Bros. moniker, the brothers form All American Television (AATV) to distribute TV shows and sell commercial time. Also Scotti Bros. Records switches distribution from Atlantic to CBS Records.

1990: Scotti Bros. Records signs a worldwide distribution deal with BMG to last until 1996.

December 1993: The company announces the opening of a urban/rap sublabel Street Life Records in response to accusations that its only success was Baywatch.

March 1996: Scotti Bros. Records officially changes their name to All American Music Group and a new distribution deal with WEA is made.

April 1998: London based, media conglomerate Pearson PLC purchases All American Communications and all of its manifold companies, including the record label. Contracts and masters are sold to Volcano (2) Entertainment, which had recently been purchased by the Zomba Label Group.

Name variants:
- Scotti Bros. Records
- Scotti Bros Records
- Scotti Bros.
- Scotti Bros

Parent Label:Scotti Brothers Entertainment
Sublabels:Rock 'N' Roll Records, Street Life Records (2)
Contact Info:

Scotti Brothers Records
2114 Pico Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405



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