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German reissue label for jazz and classical music, mainly. "Our name stands primarily for vinyl LPs with a first-class sound and in top quality pressings." The label never brands their reissues as they want to make them as close to the original as possible. As a result they do not print barcodes on their sleeves, but there is mostly a sticker on the front cover and the releases are very well documented on their homepage. Also the label does not work with their own catalogue numbers, though they do add their own barcodes on on a sticker on the shrinkwrap. (On their press releases they work with price codes e.g. SC01 ... but those are not cat. no's.)

For all releases "Remastered" can be used as format. Speakers Corner has also stated it produces lacquers using only original master tapes and an entirely analogue cutting system. New metal stampers used to press records are produced from that lacquer. The only exceptions are when existing metal parts are superior to new ones that might be cut, which includes the release of "Elvis Is Back!," or several titles from Philips Classics series, which were cut in the 1990s using original master tapes by Willem Makkee at the Emil Berliner Studios. In those cases, only the original "mother" was used to produce new stampers. (In addition, Speakers Corner admit to having one digital recording in catalogue: The Alan Parsons Project - Eye In The Sky, which was recorded digitally but mixed to analogue tape that was used to cut lacquers.)

Contact Info:

Speakers Corner HiFi GmbH
Eichkoppel 15A
24214 Gettorf

Telephone: +49 (0)4346 / 601999
Telefax: +49 (0)4346 / 601998
E-mail address: [email protected]

Former address:
Speakers Corner Records
Starkenbrook 4
24214 Gettorf
Germany ,


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  • DaveHmusic89's avatar
    I'm happy to give Speakers Corner's products a try, given that they are highly reputable.
    • baptiste123's avatar
      Edited 2 years ago
      Je me suis penché sur le monde du vinyl audiophile depuis moins de deux ans certes , mais speakers corner fait déjà parti de mes labels favoris et ce au même niveau que MOFI ou analogue production c'est dire !! Et c'est l'un des rares labels audiophiles à régulièrement éditer des albums rock : janis joplin, patti smith, lou reed...
      • Hinkebein's avatar
        Very good quality! If I have a choice, I prefer SpC. I hope they don't go along with the trend of making two records out of one. Spinning every 10 min. kills the mood.
        • skins100's avatar
          Wow Speakers Corner such great pressings....keep up the good work A++ other labels please take note...
          • Seldom-Sad-Sam's avatar
            Great quality on all their records I own and have heard so far. Can purchase their records worry free expecting quality!
            • rrichter's avatar
              amazing quality - this is why vinyl rules when it's made properly. Thank you!
              • mondostrat's avatar
                I just received my first vinyl tommy bolin, the result is just incredible, I compared it to my original LP, the result is much more dynamic while remaining faithful to the original, bravo!
                • MEllODrOnE's avatar
                  My new favorite label! Never any pressing defects, and the remastered sound is out of this world! They put a lot of attention and care into their reissues.