Wasabi Tapes



Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
none Barron  album cover Lil $ega Barron(File, WAV, Single) Wasabi Tapes none Japan 2016
WSB-001 *'~ 僕らのFantasy *゚​+​.​。​:​;​+​.​:​;。​+​゚​*​♡  album cover Djwwww* & MC Play-station®* Djwwww* & MC Play-station®* - *'~ 僕らのFantasy *゚​+​.​。​:​;​+​.​:​;。​+​゚​*​♡ (EP) WSB-001 Japan 2014
WSB-002 +you  album cover +you +you (EP) WSB-002 Japan 2014
WSB-003 SCARY MOMENTS  album cover Nicole Brennan SCARY MOMENTS (EP) WSB-003 Japan 2014
WSB-004 Emi Koussi  album cover +you Emi Koussi (Album) WSB-004 Japan 2014
WSB-005 Vishnu  album cover Djwwww* Vishnu (EP) WSB-005 Japan 2014
WSB-006 Split  album cover Djwwww / Minourakentaro Djwwww / Minourakentaro - Split (Single) WSB-006 Japan 2014
WSB-007 Untitled  album cover Jónó Mí Ló Untitled(13xFile, MP3, Album) Wasabi Tapes WSB-007 Japan 2014
WSB-008 SCARY MOMENTS II  album cover N. Brennan* SCARY MOMENTS II (EP) WSB-008 Japan 2015
WSB-009 14​:​17  album cover Shintaro Matsuo 14​:​17 (Single) WSB-009 Japan 2015
WSB-010 YamaGucci  album cover Toiret $egatus YamaGucci(12xFile, EP, 320) Wasabi Tapes WSB-010 Japan 2015
WSB-011 Pachinko Machine Music  album cover Pachinko Machine Music Pachinko Machine Music(3xFile, FLAC, EP) Wasabi Tapes WSB-011 Japan 2016
WSB-012 we​/​fla​/​Quid  album cover Naked_Under_Leather we​/​fla​/​Quid(8xFile, FLAC, EP) Wasabi Tapes WSB-012 Japan 2016
WSB-013 The Winners Club  album cover Fri珍 The Winners Club(19xFile, FLAC, EP) Wasabi Tapes WSB-013 Japan 2016
WSB-014 ein Nebelhaftes Zimmer  album cover Y.Ohashi ein Nebelhaftes Zimmer(6xFile, EP) Wasabi Tapes WSB-014 Japan 2016
WSB-015 Diegese  album cover Le Makeup Diegese(7xFile, FLAC, EP) Wasabi Tapes WSB-015 Japan 2016
WSB-016 In The Godule  album cover Garbage Boy In The Godule(10xFile, FLAC, Album) Wasabi Tapes WSB-016 Japan 2016
WSB-017 Sour Earth  album cover Julien (25) Sour Earth(5xFile, FLAC, EP) Wasabi Tapes WSB-017 Japan 2016
WSB-023 Solvent  album cover Hayataro Hirugami Solvent(Cass, Ltd) Wasabi Tapes WSB-023 Japan 2017 Sell This Version
WSB-028 $egalopolis (Disc 1)  album cover Mayor Kenji $egalopolis (Disc 1)(32xFile, FLAC, Album) Wasabi Tapes WSB-028 Japan 2018
WSBC-001  美しい (Utsukushii) II  album cover Various 美しい (Utsukushii) II(20xFile, MP3, Album, 320) Wasabi Tapes WSBC-001 Japan 2015
WSBC-001  美しい (Utsukushii) I  album cover Various 美しい (Utsukushii) I(20xFile, FLAC, Album) Wasabi Tapes WSBC-001 Japan 2015
WSBM-001  Xa食pi人ri鬼pë  album cover Mukqs Xa食pi人ri鬼pë(File, FLAC, Mixed, Mixtape) Wasabi Tapes WSBM-001 Japan 2015
WSBM-002 Session "Mix" Tape  album cover Da Ru Ma Session "Mix" Tape(File, FLAC, Mixed, Mixtape) Wasabi Tapes WSBM-002 Japan 2015
WSBM-003 Fallen Angel  album cover Meme Vivaldi Fallen Angel(File, FLAC, Mixed, Mixtape) Wasabi Tapes WSBM-003 Japan 2016
WSBM-004 mixtape  album cover Eeli & dj.¥€$ Eeli & dj.¥€$ - mixtape(5xFile, FLAC, Mixtape) Wasabi Tapes WSBM-004 Japan 2016
WSBR-001 Splashing  album cover +YOU Splashing(CD, Ltd, RE) Wasabi Tapes WSBR-001 Japan 2017 Sell This Version
WSBS-001 001  album cover 10,000 ★s 001(File, FLAC, Single) Wasabi Tapes WSBS-001 Japan 2016