Hydrogen Dukebox


Label Code: LC 0221 / LC 00221

Founded in 1992 by Doug Hart. The name is taken from an Allen Ginsberg poem 'Howl' which features a café with a jukebox called the Hydrogen Dukebox. The Dukebox spreads hope to the youth of the town and inspiration to everyone who hangs out at the café.

Parent Label:Hydrogen Dukebox Records Ltd.
Sublabels:Recordings Of Substance
Contact Info:

Hydrogen Dukebox Records
P.O. Box 23137
London SE1 3ZW

Email: [email protected] , MySpace , Facebook , Bandcamp


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  • Escapist's avatar
    UK label giants Warp and Ninja Tune look out! Hydrogen Dukebox has proven itself a formidable contender in the electronic music scene by signing up some of the best new acts out there. Hydrogen's cast consists mostly of newbies to the scene, but they have put out some of the best ambient, breakbeat and techno music that puts most contemporary electronica to shame. A terrific label that I hope will continue to release great music for years to come...