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A:larm Music was founded on April 1, 2005 as a part of MBO Group by Anders Lassen and Mads Rosted, who originally started the Danish branch of Playground Music.
The label includes two sub-labels At:ttack Music and At:tack Nordic. In 2011 MBO Group was acquired by Universal Music.
A:larm Music has acted as sole label with own catalog# series, as parent label and as distributor and copyright holder for sublabels.

Parent Label:Universal Music A/S
Sublabels:At:tack Music, Auditorium (2), Evil Office, Gogo Records, Lizard Shakedown Records, Noob Factory, Panoptikon, Rumraket, Tyst
Contact Info:

Værnedamsvej 12 A, 3. sal
1619 København V

Enghavevej 40, 4 sal
1674 København V
Tel.: +45 33 91 21 10
[email protected]


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