Poker Flat Recordings


Founded in 1998 by Steve Bug.

Labelcode: LC 00747

Sublabels:Audiomatique Recordings, B Series, Dessous Recordings, Focus On (3), Poker Flat Digital, Sublease Music, Traffic Signs
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Poker Flat Recordings
Behringstr. 28a
22765 Hamburg

fax: +49 (0)40 317 96 400
email: [email protected] , Bandcamp , Facebook , Instagram , MySpace , Soundcloud , Tumblr , X , YouTube


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  • aidiothir's avatar
    Edited 5 months ago
    My favorite era for this label is 2004-2007, minimal techno era, from 47th release up to 83th. Not before and not after. Great label for those mentioned years especially the Trentemoller releases.
    • errorsinspace's avatar
      Big label for me at the time and altering my tastes to accept house and ultimately become a big deep house fan, in the late 90s I was just getting into more minimal stuff like Robert Hood and such. Dub techno and the cologne sound formed just before Poker Flat. So this was a great transition for me along with Dessous. I was happy I was there at the beginning for the evolving of the first few years. On Superstition's website at the time they carried Poker Flat, Dessous, Raw Elements, Superstition and a few other labels. Early on I bought all their swag from t-shirts to slipmats, to the posters and all the albums. I was addicted to this label and Dessous from 1999-2004. By 2004 It just sort of evolved from the label not so much that the label was slipping in quality. But the rawness became a little too polished for me. The early Poker Flat was genius. The sleazy house feel. Demented at times and then melodic and jackin the next. Those first 30 releases on Poker Flat were memorable for me no doubt. Steve Bug and crew were killing it. Favorites were the early Landsky and Vincenzo ones but there were so many good one off or 2nd ep by many acts here and Dessous. If you played an entire night of Dessous and Poker Flat you would have an amazing night. Sexy and smooth.