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  • klabautnikoff's avatar
    All the King Street records I have are of horrible sound quality, totally distorted. This might be due to poor vinyl mastering.
    Making great music sound that bad is to be condemned.
    • Edited 18 years ago
      Ever since Hisa Ishioka set up King Street in 93'. It has attracted all the major producers from the corners around the world and has become a meetingpoint for all the New York producers both legendary and aspiring. In my opinion, King Street isn't a special label. In fact King Street is the "set-standard" label as an US Garage music provider for the DJ's. 12 years on and this label still shines as the artist like Kerri Chandler, Blaze and Urban soul among others who made this label to what it is comes back from time to time and keeping it golden. Whatever you buy from their catalouge you will be pleased.