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ETUI was founded by Insect O. in 1998. Since January 2006 he is running the label together with Sören Matschiste. Currently there are some new impulses in and around Dresden, new artists with very interesting sounds. ETUI will support them and incorporate some of them into label work. There's no strong concept about a certain label sound but rather a process of finding more ways to bring emotions down to the dancefloor. So, that's why the label is called ETUI Records. It's just a cover for nice music.

Sublabel for digital releases only: Etui Galaxi

Vinyl distribution by Kompakt, Cologne.
Digital distribution by &

Sublabels:Etui Galaxi, Etui Podcast, Etui Winter Camp
Contact Info:

ETUI Records
c/o Oliver Hartmann
Glashütter Str. 56
01277 Dresden

General: [email protected]
Licencing: [email protected] , MySpace , , Bandcamp , Soundcloud


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