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Founded in 1999 by Club 69 mastermind and Grammy award winning producer, DJ and remix artist Peter Rauhofer, Star 69 Records is a passionate dance music enthusiast's dream come true. The culmination of many years working in the music industry in a wide variety of roles ranging from record store clerk to A&R Director at GIG-BMG Records in Austria, the label allows Rauhofer to directly reach his growing fan base and share his innovative vision of progressive dance music with the masses.

A distribution arrangement with the Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA) affords Star 69 many of the advantages of a major record label, while allowing the company to stay true to the underground sound and nightclub culture.

In just three years, Star 69 achieved phenomenal success with a non-stop array of electrifying releasing includes seven number one Billboard hits: The Collaboration [Peter Rauhofer + Victor Calderone] "Do It Properly", Dynamix "Don't Want Another Man", Celeda "The Underground", Suzanne Palmer "Hide U", Frankie Goes to Hollywood "Relax" and The Collaboration [Peter Rauhofer + Pet Shop Boys] "Break 4 Love". In the summer of 2002 Star 69 released two hits that also made Billboard's Top 5; Celeda "Free Your Mind" peaking at # 3 and Suzanne Palmer "Show Me" at #4. Star 69's fourth year began with a #1 Billboard hit for Funky Green Dogs with "Rise Up."

With nominations as "Best Dance Label" at the 2003 International Dance Music Awards and "Best Compilation" for "Live @ Roxy" for the 2003 Dancestar Awards, Star 69 Records has made a significant impact on the dance music scene and will only continue to evolve and expand along with the increasing popularity of dance music in America and beyond. The label's remarkably clever and influential music will no doubt continue to lead trends, dominate dance floors and storm music charts for many years to come.

Parent Label:Star 69 Entertainment, Ltd.
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Star 69 Entertainment, Ltd.
199 Lafayette St., Suite 301
New York, NY 10012 - USA
Tel: 212.343.9090
Fax: 212.625.2612
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